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It’s no secret that as men age, testosterone production slows down. When the male body begins to find itself with less available testosterone, symptoms emerge. Testosterone primarily is responsible for strength and endurance, as well as male sexuality (libido and erectile performance). So, when this hormone is produced less and less, men feel more fatigued, their ratio of lean muscle mass to fat alters with the former declining and the latter rising, and libido/erectile performance decline as well.


Beyond taking the scientifically proven LJ100 patented proprietary Tonkgat ali, there are foods you can incorporate into your regular diet that will also help your body to re-invigorate its natural testosterone production mechanism.


Oysters.  Yes, the old saying about oysters and libido is true to a degree and this is because of their super high zinc content. In fact, only 3 ounces of oysters provide 74 milligrams (or 493% daily value) of this mineral. A key study demonstrated that zinc strongly influences testosterone. It included young men who ingested low levels of zinc and then were tested for zinc levels and testosterone. There were corresponding lower levels of testosterone (75%) after 30 weeks of a low-zinc diet. (Nutrition 1996; 12(5) 344-8), Other foods high in zinc include lean beef and Alaskan king crab.


Tuna:  Tuna is abundant with vitamin D, and just one serving provides a good amount of vitamin D. This vitamin has been shown to help increase endogenous testosterone levels. One study notes that “the male reproductive tract has been identified as a target tissue for vitamin D, and previous data suggest an association of D with testosterone levels in men.” The authors included 165 men vitamin D or placebo for one year, and found that free total, bioactive and testosterone levels increased significantly in the vitamin D group over placebo group, suggesting that vitamin D may increase testosterone levels. (Horm Met Res 2011, 43 (3): 223-5). Other food sources of vitamin D are egg yolks and milk.



Dark Chocolate: Not only is this a delicious treat, but dark chocolate can also help the body boost its testosterone. The darker, though, the better, because, as a cocoa product, dark chocolate contains zinc, and the mineral magnesium. One study showed that 10 mg of magnesium per kg of body weight daily for four weeks significantly increased testosterone. (Biol Trace Elem Res.2011;140:18–23)


Beet root juice:  Beets, a tuber, are not only flexible to use in foods, they contain significant levels of nitrates, phytochemicals shown to increase healthy nitric oxide levels. Erections require nitric oxide for vasodilation, an activity that increases blood flow to the penis. Therefore, when nitric oxide is low, erectile problems develop.

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