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More than ever, women are proactively turning to nutrition and supplementation to address health and wellness.

For example, a recent report from FMCG Gurus’ shows that 70% of women globally have tried to improve their dietary habits in the last year (2023). Diet impacts overall well-being, but when peri-menopause interrupts, a healthy diet often just doesn’t cut it.

As many more are now in a proactive habit – taking supplements to help address a health and wellness concern, products aimed at managing symptoms such as hot flashes will perform very well in the women’s health market.

Our Nu Femme™ is a distinct blend of botanicals. The world’s best-researched Tongkat Ali LJ100® is expertly melded with a women’s health herb, Labisia pumila, to provide a uniquely proprietary ingredient that will help your women’s health product stand out and create a following.

In a 2020 study of 119 women aged 41 to 55 who were peri-menopausal or menopausal, those who consumed either 500 mg Nu Femme for 24 weeks reported significant reductions in hot flashes, and improvements in Menopause Quality of Life and Vitality scores. Further, the Nu Femme group had a significant reduction in follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, as well as increases in total testosterone and estradiol.

An earlier study of 197 women aged 40 to 60 experiencing peri- and post-menopausal symptoms demonstrated that those women who supplemented with 400 mg Labisia pumila for 16 weeks showed improvements in memory/concentration (8.3%), vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes, 15.9%) and sleep (31%).

Nu Femme is on its way to becoming THE hot flash-support herb for active menopausal women. A human clinical study and pre-clinical research has shown that Nu Femme supplementation:

May Support a Reduction In Hot Flashes*
Helps Maintain a Healthy Hormonal Balance*
Helps Support Healthy Lipid Levels*
Helps Sustain Vitality*
Helps Maintain a Healthy Quality of Life*
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about Nu Femme™ and our other signature ingredients. Contact us.

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