Executive Team

A dynamic, well-rounded, high-energy and passionate team that delivers superior service for all your innovative product development needs in the Nutraceutical marketing sector.


Annie Eng

CEO, President

Visionary Sourcer-ess

Annie scours the earth for medicinal plants. She recently brought Tongkat Ali from the Malaysian rainforests, Citrus Bergamot from the Calabria region of Italy, and Andrographis paniculata and Maqui berry from the Chilean Patagonian region to the N. America market and globally.

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Hame Persaud

Executive Vice President

Your Marketing GPS

Hame has successfully launched numerous companies into the Nutraceutical sector, and so he can help you succeed and overcome all obstacles, guiding you safely to reach your end goal.

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Jessica Eng

Chief Operating Officer

Smooth Operator

Jessica synergizes a keen eye for detail and accuracy, with multi-level talent for evaluating and maintaining seamless financial and sales operations, and implementing complex business projects.

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Don Savchuck

Regional Manager

The Implementer

Don brings a wealth of ingenuitive and intuitive thinking to help you design and implement the best marketing and product development strategies for sustainable success.

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David Pizarro

Regional Manager

Nutraceutical Ninja

When you seriously need a supplement marketing edge to get ahead of the pack:
David will muster his stealth, speed, wit and formidable pharmaceutical sales and marketing savvy to leave your competitors stunned, reeling, and in awe.

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Bill Dunn

Regional Manager

The Herbal Maestro

Looking to rise above the noise and discordance of the nutraceutical
marketplace? Bill helps you create the next genre-changing product with
mastery and finesse.

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Blake Halversen

Customer Service Executive

Cool Concierge

Blake is the consummate customer service professional, skillfully guiding you through the often complex steps of custom manufacturing and raw material supply. He delivers rapid results with a respectable clinical proficiency that inspires confidence and trust.

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Dr. Juan Hancke

Chief Scientific Officer

Medicinal Plant Detective

Dr. Juan (pronounced who ah n)  Hancke (pronounced  hah n kay) is an outstanding field researcher and scientific investigator who has an intense passion for pharmacognosy, the branch of knowledge principally concerned with the study of drugs derived from plants or other natural sources.

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HPI's Custom Formulations

HP Ingredients offers custom formulations and private labeling services to manufacturers. HPI’s innovation in formulations is accomplished by combining our trademarked ingredients with other clinically tested, well-researched nutraceuticals.