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BRADENTON, FL – HP Ingredients has officially re-launched its corporate website with a completely fresh, new redesign at In tandem, the supplier of branded, proprietary science-backed ingredients has also launched its first ingredient-centric web resource –, devoted to its ingredient, LJ100 Tonkgat ali.


“The way industry grows and learns via the web has changed significantly,” observed Annie Eng, CEO, HP Ingredients. “Static sites, and flashy landing pages where you have to click to enter, no longer serve visitors. As we have grown, we realized our customers and prospects spend time educating themselves via our web resources, and the renovation and launch of our first ingredient-centric web resource was completely designed for industry, to anticipate – and answer – questions. This in turn makes subsequent conversations more meaningful and expedient.”


About HP Ingredients

HP Ingredients Corporation, founded in 2002, is a fast-growing, innovative and ethical supplier of safe, branded, patented, science-based, clinically proven nutraceutical herbal extracts. HP Ingredients works closely with top patent-awarded scientists worldwide, to provide ongoing research on our proprietary, patented, and trademarked ingredients in a process similar to that of pharmaceutical products. We also ensure all globally obtained materials are sustainably harvested. We believe in conducting business in a manner that is of the highest professional, sustainable and ethical standards.”


Our portfolio features patented LJ100® – men’s health & sport nutrition; ParActin® – joint health & minor pain management; Bergamonte® – metabolic syndrome, cholesterol & blood glucose control, & weight management; Maqui Superberry – Patagonian superfruit with the highest antioxidant level of all fruits; Gevuina Oil – natural source of Omega 7 & 9, natural sunblock; Citruslim – healthy weight management; NeuroActin– supports learning & memory and neuronal health; NoMax – increases nitric oxide for enhanced physical performance. HP Ingredients’ specialized services include custom product development and private labeling of cutting-edge dietary supplements.



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