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Hame Persaud, executive vice president of HP Ingredients, was invited to The Nutritional Outlook Podcast to talk about the rich history of bergamot, and its future in the dietary supplement industry. Learn about the makings of HPI’s Bergamonte, the origin story of bergamot, the new bergamot documentary and more from a top leader in the industry.

Bergamonte — a supercitrus from the pristine and storied Calabrian southern coast in Italy — has a rich story from history of widespread use, most recently for metabolic health as numerous clinical studies have validated. Listen to HP Ingredients’ executive vice president Hame Persaud discuss how Bergamonte with 15 double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies on its patented specific content of bergamot polyphenolic fractions, hits all the right notes including economic and ecological sustainability, and the celebration of family, community and health enrichment.

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