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HP Ingredients Experiences Unprecedented Growth; Immediately Donates to Vitamin Angels
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Welcome to HP Ingredients
HP Ingredients is a leading supplier of clinically-proven organic nutraceutical ingredients since 2001.
Animal Health
HP Ingredients develops synergistic combinations of standardized botanical and phytoactive extracts to provide non- pharmacological solutions to reduce the use of chemicals in the animal production industry. Cost-effectively.

About HP Ingredients

At HP Ingredients, we believe in conducting business in a manner that is of the highest professional and ethical standards. We are a foremost pioneer in the natural health industry in delivering rigorous scientific research for our innovative nutraceuticals. Learn more about HP Ingredients.

custom formulations

HP Ingredients offers custom formulations and private labeling services to manufacturers. HPI’s innovation in formulations is accomplished by combining its trademarked ingredients with other clinically tested, well-researched nutraceuticals.

It just made financial sense to work with HPI on our formulation for the cost savings alone. They were able to negotiate great prices on raw ingredients, and put them into an affordable (and high quality) blend for us.  – Scott Hogan, Operations Manager, Institute for Natural Healing, LLC.


Condition Specific Ingredients


Sports Nutrition

Naturally improve athletic performance.

LJ100 ®>
NoMax ®>

Men's Health

Sexual performance and wellbeing in men

LJ100 ®>

Heart Health

Healthy cholesterol level and cardiovascular health.

Bergamonte ®>

Joint Health

Regulate immune and inflammatory response system

ParActin ®>


Improved memory, thinking, problem solving, and other cognitive functions

QuantumIQ TM>
NeuroActin ®>

Weight Loss

Ingredients for health weight management

CitruSlim ®>


Neutralize free radicals and mitigate health imbalances

MaquiBerry TM>
Bergamonte ®>
QuantumIQ TM>


Prevent the side effects of aging

All Premier Ingredients >

Product publications

LJ100 EBook

The compelling story of LJ100®: testosterone production to restore vigor, virility and vitality.


Paractin EBook

Fighting inflammation, the body’s silent killer. ParActin® flicks off the master inflammation switch for healthy bones, joint and muscle, sports recovery and overall immune function.


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