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The History of Maqui…

Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) is a deep purple berry that thrives in the harsh climate in the Patagonia region. It contains very high level of anthocyanins, especially Delphinidin. Scientific and clinical studies have demonstrated that these very unique bioactive molecules in maqui berry exhibit one of the highest antioxidant properties and has high free radical scavenging activity. Maqui berry inihibits NFKappaB, thereby reduces COX-2 enzyme and prostaglandin level.

Patent Pending, Standardized, Clinically Tested …

ProteoActinTM is a patent pending cream containing standardized extract of maqui berry that activates lysosomal switch by triggering proteostasis renewal and has cell regenerating and wound healing properties.

Loss of protein homeostasis (proteostasis) is a common feature of aging and disease that is characterized by the appearance of nonnative protein aggregates (or protein misfolding) in various tissues. Aging and exposure to environmental stressors can disrupt the proteostasis network, and contribute to the initiation and progression of disease, affecting the capacity of cells to buffer against the accumulation of misfolded and damaged proteins. ProteoActin™ helps support healthy proteostasis network by activating the lysosomal switch and increasing LAMP 1 protein.


ProteoActinTM inhibits NF-Kappa-Beta – the “Master Inflammatory Switch in the Skin”, to help reduce inflammation and redness. ProteoActin™ additionally has direct effect as an antibacterial and anti-parasitic. ProteoActin™ may be useful for controlling rosacea symptoms, for small and general cuts, sores, burns and wounds; safe for diabetics. (For external use only)

Benefits of ProteoActinTM…

  • Reduces facial flushing and redness
  • Protects and repairs of blood vessels
  • Antibacterial & anti-parasitic
  • Regenerates skin cells & wound healing properties
  • Fewer scars and marks after healing

Mode of Action…

ProteoActin™ Enhances Wound Healing

ProteoActin™ significantly  increased the migration of human keratinocytes HaCat cells, and reduced the wound injury area in in vitro scratch wound healing assay.


ProteoActin™ Activates lysosomal and triggers proteostasis:

Lysosomes play a pivotal role in cellular processes, including responses to nutrient availability, stress resistance, programmed cell death, plasma membrane repair, development, and cell differentiation. Proteostasis is a set of cellular mechanisms that maintain the stability of the proteome via autophagy mechanisms. Increased lysosome compartment ensure proper proteostasis network and has been linked to longevity. In animal wound model, ProteoActin™ increases the LAMP1, a lysosomal membrane protein, suggesting that ProteoActin™ is able to increase the lysosome compartment to promote optimal proteostasis function, safeguarding cellular fitness and longevity. In addition, ProteoActin™ also increases Death-associated protein 1 (DAP1), a positive mediator of programmed cell death (authophagy), which plays a key role in our body’s ability to detoxify, repair, and regenerate itself. By activating the body’s autophagy process, ProteoActin™ dampen inflammation, slow down the aging process, and optimize biological function.


ProteoActinTM For Rosacea

12 patients with various forms of Rosacea were given ProteoActin™ twice daily for 8 weeks.


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