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BRADENTON, FL – HP Ingredients has announced the launch of a new private label program that allows retailers to sell their own line of herbal supplements using their own label, driving and building brand recognition. Retailers can now market and sell ParActin®, Bergamonte®, LJ100® and MaquiCare® in their house brands.


“Have you ever felt annoyance that you educate customers about a particular ingredient or product, and then they go online and buy it from a major brand, or competitor, thus cutting you out of the sale?” asks CEO and Founder of HP Ingredients, Annie Eng. “At HP Ingredients, we are like the marketing and product development GPS that guides you to meet your business goals sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. We also provide you with common denominators of sustainability, inclusivity (vegetarian capsules, non-GMO, minimal excipients, kosher, halal ingredients, etc.) After all, putting people and the planet up there with profits is what you do every day!”


The ingredients available from HPI for private label include:


ParActin®:  A proprietary, patented and standardized extract of Andrographis paniculata, ParActin’s research shows it has the following benefits: joint support, bone support, cartilage support, muscle health and recovery, immune support and healthy inflammatory response.


Bergamonte®: Proprietary, patented and standardized extract of Citrus bergamot, whose benefits include cardiovascular support, metabolic support, cholesterol profile management, healthy blood sugar support and encouraging weight loss.


LJ100®: Patented, proprietary and standardized extract of Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia), whose benefits include enhancing strength and endurance, supporting libido and mood, promoting lean body mass and weight loss, and supporting the body’s ability to manufacture its own testosterone to combat andropause.


MaquiCare®:  A proprietary standardized extract of maqui berry, the highest known antioxidant superfruit rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins. It has been shown to inhibit pro-inflammatory COX-2 (thereby supporting healthy joints), neutralizes free radicals and protects cells against oxidation, and supports healthy immune response.


HP Ingredients’ new private label program includes helping retailers to identify which product(s) best fit their customers’ needs and choose how many bottles to start with. HPI will:

  1. Drag and drop the retailer’s logo into FDA-compliant labels
  2. Send approved marketing support materials such as e-books, videos, and white papers to help grow your private label
  3. Ship the finished product ready for retail


Private label supplements can be ordered in quantities of 50 to 500+ bottles. By buying into the private label program, retailers can also directly support Vitamin Angels, a charity sponsored by HPI. The One Child plan includes the retailer’s donation toward one child’s vitamins for a year. The Four Children plan includes the contribution toward four children’s vitamins for a year. By buying into this private label program, Eng emphasizes, retailers can market their support for Vitamin Angels, generating powerful good will in their communities.


Why should you support Vitamin Angels? Because seven out of 10 consumers will choose a product that benefits Vitamin Angels while 91% of consumers will have a more positive view of a company that supports Vitamin Angels, according to information provided by the charity. “We believe in the power of vitamins to inspire health in our customers, ourselves, and our world, which is why we proudly support Vitamin Angels,” Eng states.


HP Ingredients provides its private label retailers with multiple avenues of quality assurance. These range from the a fully “green” production using wild herbs gathered from across the world to expert influence with the assistance of global scientists, while maintaining transparency through dissemination of information via trade shows, press releases, and online media outlets.


HP Ingredients’ legacy and business mission enables its private label retailers to take advantage of numerous marketing and communication messages. According to Eng, retailer partners “can proudly state that the product contains life-giving ingredients come from thousands of years of ancient health-care systems. These ingredients are clinically studied, tested, and proven. The science is backed by a development team of physicians and scientists who follow Naturopathic principles.”


Further, she adds, all raw material in HPI’s ingredients is chosen from suppliers who grow these non-GMO herbs sustainably and who practice environmental stewardship. Plant compounds are grown and extracted locally in FDA-inspected and ISO (International Organization of Standardization) facilities. These compounds contain no pesticides, lead, or heavy metals and are both kosher and halal certified. All product is blended, encapsulated, bottled, and labeled in GMP-compliant facilities regulated by the FDA.


“Nielsen information* across more than 60 countries shows that private label products continue to gain share across all major geographies,” Eng cites. “The relentless store expansion by retailers over the past decade has given shoppers more access to private label and to brands. In recent years, e-commerce has given brands another way to reach the consumer.”


However, Eng adds, private-label growth is also being driven by the wider choice that the digital economy offers to consumers and the globalization of shopping trends (media, technology, e-commerce). This growth is also accelerating wherever disruption is present in the trade structure. “For example, we see this with the market share growth of discounters in the developed markets of Western Europe,” she notes.


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* “The Rise and Rise Again of Private Label.” What People Watch, Listen To and Buy, 28 Feb. 2018,


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Our portfolio features patented LJ100®-men’s health & sports nutrition; ParActin® -bone, joint health & muscle health; Bergamonte® -metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, blood glucose balance, & weight management; MaquiCare™ – Patagonian superfruit with the highest antioxidant level of all fruits; CitruSlim® – healthy weight management; NeuroActin® – improves learning & memory, helps support neuronal health; NoMax® – increases nitric oxide for enhanced physical performance; QuantumIQ™ – cognitive function, mood, IQ performance; Animal Health: to reduce the use of antibiotics, chemicals, and other pharmaceutical drugs in our food production NatControl™ reduces antibiotic need in salmon for human consumption and SeaControl™ HP Ingredients’ specialized services include custom product development and private labeling of cutting-edge dietary supplements.


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