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BRADENTON, FL – HP Ingredients has announced that a new study has shown that the co-administration of its LJ100® Tonkgat Ali (aka Eurycoma longifolia) with a multivitamin helps improve quality of life factors mood, stress response and immune parameters in adults.


The objective of the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 24-week study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of a multivitamin mix in combination with Eurycoma longifolia (EL) water extract (LJ100®) on quality of life, mood and stress of 93 moderately stressed but healthy participants (aged 25 to 65).


The primary endpoints were quality of life (QoL) measured by 12-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-12) questionnaire and mood measured by Profiles of Mood Scores (POMS). The secondary endpoint was stress measured by Multi-Modal Stress Questionnaire (MMSQ).


The researchers reported significant improvements in QoL, mood and stress of moderately stressed participants who took the combination of LJ100 with a multivitamin for 12 weeks. Those who supplemented with the combination reported improvements in vigor, mental acuity and cognition, emotional well-being, and testosterone levels possibly through hormonal balance and nutritional supplementation.


The researchers also found that those taking the multivitamin and LJ100 exhibited stress-related changes in neutrophils and leukocyte esterase suggesting the counteracting effect of the supplementation. Significant between-group improvements in the social functioning domain of SF-12 observed in the 25–45 years age group and vigor domain of POMS in the 46–65 years age group supplemented with EL+MV indicate the efficacy in specific paramaters, particularly relating to age. The combination was found to be safe and well-tolerated in this 24-week supplementation study on moderately stressed participants.


Lead study author Annie George said, “Participants in this study showed a significant decrease in neutrophils that degranulate to release proteases during pathogenesis and psychological stress. Stress also enhances neutrophilia and neutrophil counts without concurrent increase in eosinophils or monocytes, which was also noted in this study.”


She added, “It can be speculated that EL(LJ100) is a nutritional adaptogen, an agent that rejuvenates the body through restoration, which may regulate neutrophils and leukocyte esterase release. It is plausible that the EL+MV-mediated improvement in emotional health and vitality may be associated with changes in these immune parameters.”


Further, participants taking LJ100 and the multivitamin reported a significant improvement in their mental component domain, suggesting they felt “calm and peaceful,” emotional well-being and improvement in energy/fatigue profile after the 12-weeks.


“Adaptogens are increasingly being recognized by consumers as powerful natural agents that can protect their health especially during times of stress, which is known to impact mood and immunity,” said Annie Eng, CEO, HP Ingredients. “The most common supplement people take is a multivitamin, so adding a proven adaptogen such as LJ100 can have extra benefits that appeal to practically everyone.”


Patented LJ100, added Eng, has a portfolio of research showing multiple benefits from its adaptogenic behavior. For the latest e-book, email


LJ100® Tongkat Ali is a water extract standardized to 40% glyco saponins, and greater than 22% eurypeptides. LJ100 is the only clinically proven Tongkat Ali extract for fitness, energy, mood, immune and other benefits.



George, A., et al. “Efficacy and safety of Eurycoma longifolia water extract plus multivitamins on quality of life, mood and stress:  a randomized placebo-controlled and parallel study” Food & Nutrition Research 2018, 62: 1374


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