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Beyond prostate support for middle-aged men – healthy men from their 20s through 70s want to remain vigorous, active, attractive. But men tend to deal with a stress problem, and it’s always been that way.

The good news is that today, men are much more open about discussing stress and being proactive about reducing it if not staving it off. They know that reduced stress means increased gym gains as well as increased joy in and number of raucous sexual escapades.

What is the common denominator? Tongkat Ail (Eurycoma longifolia). And at HP Ingredients, we provide two Tongkat Ali ingredients: LJ100® and Adapticort®.


The king of Tongkat Ali ingredients is the result of research collaboration between the prestigious MIT and the Malaysian government. LJ100® boasts 25 human clinical studies – and counting. Combined, the studies have shown that LJ100®:

  • Significantly improved the International Index of Erectile Function Score by 15.1%, libido by 14%, sexual satisfaction score by 34.55%, sexual desire by 235%, and orgasmic function by 14.7%
  • Aging Male Score improved by 31%
  • Total testosterone increased by 48.02%
  • Free testosterone increased by 122%
  • Cortisol reduced by 32.3%
  • Hand grip test improved by 16.6%
  • Muscular force improved by 20.8%
  • Creatine kinase reduced by 35.2%
  • Heart rate decreased by 10.33 bpm
  • VO2 Max decreased by 78%
  • Isokinetic peak torque of the knee extensor muscles increased by 17%
  • Sperm motility increased 44%; semen volume increased 18.2%.


With three human clinical studies, Adapticort® reveals itself to be a potent stress-buster. Combined, the studies have shown that Adapticort®:

  • Reduced Cortisol by 16%
  • Improved mood states: Tension -11%, Anger -12%, Confusion -15%
  • Reduced physical stress by 15.1% and cognitive stress by 24.8%
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Inhibited immune senescence by supporting a healthy ratio of Naïve, Total & CD4+ T Cells
  • Enhanced comprehensive immunity within 4 weeks.

Men want increased energy, sexual stamina, a higher and more intense libido, more strength and endurance in the gym or competing, brighter mood, and reduced tension.

So, you may be thinking: If we create a men’s sexual health formula, will they also get the benefits of stress-reduction, and if we create a stress-management formula for men, will they also find themselves more quickly at the ready for sexual expression?

Formulation opportunities with both LJ100® and Adapticort® as standalones or in blends with other ingredients suited for condition-specific actions are almost endless.

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