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As mentioned in Nutraceuticals World:

Scientific validation can help move ingestible skin health products from niche to mainstream.

Antioxidants such as those from maqui berry also help protect the skin from sun damage, according to Annie Eng, CEO, HP Ingredients, Bradenton, FL. The company’s Maqui Superberry offers benefits for youthful skin, in addition to protection from oxidative stress, she said. “As one of the highest-ORAC berries and fruits found in nature, maqui has been shown to quench five free radicals known to cause damage: hyroxyl, peroxyl, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen and superoxide anion, as shown through the Total ORAC Test.

“Maqui Superberry is distinctive,” she continued, “as it goes through our proprietary enzyme and ultra-filtration process to ensure its actives—polyphenols and anthocyanins, particularly delphinidin (80% of maqui’s anthocyanin content)—are intact.” The berry shields cells from oxidative stress from the sun, and also has an ability to reduce inflammatory response, she added.

By Lisa Olivo
Associate Editor

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