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In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man needed oil to move fluidly, and he grimaced in pain when he couldn’t move thanks to rusty, impaired joints.

Indeed, nobody wants joints that don’t work properly. Aging causes the need to ensure that the joints’ components retain their integrity, and that inflammation is minimized.

HP Ingredients has two integrative solutions that help healthy consumers preserve joint function, and both feature the hardy and sustainable Andrographis paniculata.

Internal: ParActin®

ParActin® is supported by published preclinical and human clinical studies. In a 2009 human clinical trial, 60 participants with rheumatoid arthritis were given 300mg of ParActin® daily for 14 weeks in conjunction with Methotrexate or placebo, The ParActin® group showed significant improvement compared to the placebo group in terms of reducing number and total grade of swollen joints, Rheumatoid Factor, C-Reactive Protein, and fatigue score.

A 2019 human clinical trial of 103 participants with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis were given either placebo, low dose (300 mg) and high dose (600 mg) of ParActin® per day for 84 days. Both doses of ParActin® showed significant reduction in WOMAC Pain Score, Stiffness Score, and Physical Function Score Starting in Day 7!

An in vitro study also showed that Andrographolide helps to reduce cartilage degradation by inhibiting IL-1b, thereby suppressing matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in synovial cells & chondrocytes, which helps to prevent loss of the cartilage matrix.

External: QuantumActiv™ ParActin® Instant Pain Relief Cream

Consumers often need fast relief from joint and muscle pain but are hesitant to rub OTC ingredients into their skin. HP Ingredients’ patented and breakthrough QuantumActiv™ technology uses a medical grade laser to significantly improve the bioavailability and skin permeation of QuantumActiv™ ParActin® Pain Cream, an all-natural cream, blended with 1.5% menthol to ensure fast and effective pain and discomfort relief within minutes. This FDA-approved OTC cream is a natural calcium channel blocker that also helps to improve mobility and flexibility for everyday activity and may enhance sports performance.

Watch the video here to see how fast QuantumActiv™ ParActin® Pain Cream works.

Let’s get moving together on your next mobility-support product.

We look forward to filling you in on all the details. Simply contact us to set up an appointment. We can also supply you with our studies and technical details.

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