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HP Ingedients Introduced Maqui to the world as a superfruit; and has expanded it’s line
to include 17, 50 & 65 brix liquid concentrates, a variety of powders and extract.

Bradenton, FL, September 14, 2010 — HP Ingredients introduced Maqui berry to the United States in 2007 and has maintained its position as the leading Maqui berry supplier in the world.

Identified as a Top 10 flavoring by Sensient Corporation in 2010, because Maqui offers the deepest purple coloring and most desirable flavor in the superfruit family; and Maqui delivers almost double the antioxidant value of acai and triple pomegranate.

Maqui’s wide range of nutritional support includes healthy inflammation, cardiovascular and immune support; support of beautiful skin, natural COX-2 inhibition and protection from oxidative stress.

“We have customers who have experienced positive results for arthritis, MS, Autism, Lyme disease and healthy blood levels.”, Carlos Escalante of Novelle International who sells a super premium product line branded as Maqui Superberry.

Annie Eng, president and founder of HP Ingredients, is an expert in aiding flavoring companies and manufacturers with formulations. “We’ve expanded the line of raw material so that we can provide the best maqui ingredient for the many form factors that antioxidants are now available”, said Eng.

Supply chain of an emerging ingredient of this magnitude is tricky. “There was a fair amount of product that was contaminated or compromised” said Eng. HP Ingredients has the highest quality supply chain available to insure the consistency and nutritional value for their customers.

About HP Ingredients: HP Ingredients, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, was founded in 2001 and now offers more than 200 Standardized Botanical Extracts. HP Ingredients relies on proven research to identify and develop their Proprietary Extracts. HP’s Premier ingredients include Maqui, Bergamonte, LJ100 and Paractin.

Contact Hame for product, research information and samples: or 1.877.437.2234 x300

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