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While many of us are basking in the sun (with high SPF slathered on our skin, of course), it is time to consider how consumers are going to supplement for immune protection during wintertime.

Winter protection calls forth such supplements as zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry. All good, yes, but there is a powerful antioxidant berry that has more protective effects than elderberry and should be considered top of mind:  maqui berry.

Let us explain. 

Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) is the highest known antioxidant superfruit (as measured by ORAC), containing high concentration of polyphenols and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are the most powerful antioxidant compounds with the strongest benefits towards whole health.

Anthocyanins in HP Ingredients’ MaquiCare® are truly unique as 80% of all anthocyanins in MaquiCare® are delphinidin, the most important anthocyanidins found in dark berries. Delphinidin is reported to exert superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, the latter of which is a relief when nasal passages are swollen from a lot of sneezing. 

There are other demonstrated benefits of anthocyanins as well. These include neutralizing enzymes that can destroy connective tissues, helping low-density lipoproteins to avoid being oxidized, and protects blood vessel walls from oxidative damage, and supports healthy blood glucose levels.

Maqui can help control inflammatory response. Researchers have shown that the activation of PPAR gamma leads to the inhibition of NFkappaB (NFκB), reduction of COX-2 enzyme & prostaglandin level. In one study, Maqui berry juice exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting NFκB, a key regulator of the human immune and inflammatory response system. In addition, maqui berry juice reduces the COX-2 expression, an enzyme responsible for inflammation.

Our MaquiCare® (8% delphinidin, 10% anthocyanins) is wild harvested by the Mapuche in a certified organic native forest in Chile. For centuries the Mapuche and other indigenous peoples considered the plant that grows the maqui berries to be sacred and it was used in ceremonial practices. For health, it was relied upon for creating body warmth during winter, boosting immunity and to increase strength and stamina, two characteristics that tend to be overtaken by fatigue when colds and other viruses occur. 

Today, the Mapuche work with us to sustainably harvest the maqui, which is grown abundantly in a pollution-free native forest. They collect the berries without machines and use pruned branches as fertilizer for the plants. MaquiCare® is 100% certified organic by both US NOP and EU.

HP Ingredients provides a variety of MaquiCare® ingredients ranging from juice concentrate, whole fruit powder, liquid concentrate powder, and standardized extract. MaquiCare® is produced at our state-of-the-art facility in Italy that is certified organic and kosher, standardized to 8% delphinidin and 10% anthocyanins.

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