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BRADENTON, FL — The swiftly rising demand for LJ100® Tonkgat ali, the proprietary and patented men’s health and sports nutrition ingredient from HP Ingredients, has inspired the introduction of LJ100 in microencapsulated form.


According to CEO Annie Eng, this new form opens up a fertile field of new product innovation, notably in the food and beverage arenas.  “With the new microencapsulated LJ100® we can now help our brand marketer partners enter into the functional food and drink category that was previously not possible because of the extreme bitterness of LJ100®. Manufacturers can now add microencapsulated LJ100® in their pre-workout powder drinks, nutrition & energy bars, RTD energy drinks without caffeine, weight loss drinks with CitruSlim® (LJ100® + Bergamonte®), chocolate, candies, and more. There are now endless possibilities to provide men with an ingredient that promotes sexual health and stamina, and for women who want to also gain more out of their workouts.”


Eng explained that microencapsulation helps to mask the bitter taste of LJ100®.  Microencapsulation eliminates the need for expensive flavor compounds or other masking agents. In addition, microencapsulated LJ100® allows slow release of the actives, protects from interaction with moisture, heat, and oxygen, improves stability, bioavailability, and promotes prolonged shelf life.  Using a highly modified proprietary fluid bed arrangement, LJ100® is coated with a protective food-grade shell the size of a human hair made of vegetable oil. This creates a barrier to help mask the bitterness of LJ100® and to preserve the active.


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NOTE TO EDITORS:  Annie Eng will be available for interviews and meetings at booth # 3728 at SupplySide West. Please contact Lisa Schofield at to set up an interview time.


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Our portfolio features patented LJ100®-men’s health & sports nutrition; ParActin® -bone, joint health & muscle health; Bergamonte® -metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, blood glucose balance, & weight management; Maqui Berry™ – Patagonian superfruit with the highest antioxidant level of all fruits; CitruSlim® – healthy weight management; NeuroActin® – improves learning & memory, helps support neuronal health; NoMax® – increases nitric oxide for enhanced physical performance; QuantumIQ™ – cognitive function, mood, IQ performance; Animal Health: to reduce the use of antibiotics, chemicals, and other pharmaceutical drugs in our food production NatControl™ reduces antibiotic need in salmon for human consumption and SeaControl™ HP Ingredients’ specialized services include custom product development and private labeling of cutting-edge dietary supplements.

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