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There really isn’t just one “superstar” ingredient for supporting immune function, especially during stressful times.


When thinking about formulating a product to help the multiple millions of adult consumers to withstand the immune debilitating effects of stress, consider crafting a potent blend of herbs, that of course may be accentuated with such immune stalwarts as zinc and vitamin C.


HP Ingredients knows how to think out of the box while coloring within the lines: our herbs are shown to be safe and effective in helping to support immune resilience through managing physical stress response (eg, cortisol release).


We have, for your consideration:


LJ100®ParActin®MaquiCare™AstraCare™ElderberryCare™,  RhodioCare™CurcuCare™EchiMune™GingerZing™, and our organic mushroom extracts MaitakeCare™, ReishiCare™, Turkey TailCare™, Lion’s ManeCare™, and ChagaCare™. 


Our expert team can help you formulate a relevant immune-stresscare formula and provide you with data and research to help you formulate your product story and brand positioning.


For this and any information on HP Ingredients’ portfolio of innovative, clinically-proven ingredients, contact us here.

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