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“HP Ingredients-Delivering Herbal Science”

Bradenton, Fl. June 21, 2010—HP Ingredients is now a Certified Organic Handler. The Organic Chain of Custody is in place for the Organic Maqui Berry products from the fields in Chile to your business. OAI North America is our certifying agency. Dawn Pfeiffer manages this process for HP Ingredients.

Organic offerings include, Organic Maqui 65 Brix concentrate, Organic Maqui 50 Brix cloudy concentrate, Organic Maqui 17 Brix single strength, Organic Maqui Frozen Crushed Fruit and Organic Maqui Berry Freeze Dried Juice Powder.

“HP Ingredients is committed to provide the nutraceutical industry with the highest quality forms of Maqui berry. All of HP Ingredients Maqui Berry Products are in stocked in Florida. In addition to raw ingredients sales, we also provide custom formulation and private labeling services to the industry.” says Founder and President Annie Eng.

HP Ingredients, a woman owned business, was founded by Annie Eng in 2001. Ms. Eng was the first to introduce Tongkat Ali, Maqui and Bergamot ingredients to the United States in supplement forms.

For further information about Maqui berry and our other Premier Ingredients, or to obtain pricing, contact Hame at HP Ingredients at (877) 437-2234 ext. 300 or

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