In 2019

(BRADENTON, FL) – Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients, has announced the appointment of Bill Dunn as East Coast Sales Manager to coordinate and oversee the growth of HP Ingredient’s customer base throughout the region.


Dunn has built numerous businesses in the CPG sector as a broker and business owner, concentrating on both dietary supplements and natural HABA (eg, facial care, hair color, and oral care).


“Bill brings a wealth of intuition about product development for retailers and consumers,” Eng stated. “His background and experience are unique to the supplyside but extremely invaluable to our customers.”


Dunn is also an expert in kinesiology taping, and can help formulate for the sports nutrition and recovery market. He has been a dojo leader and instructor at Princeton University Aikido.



About HP Ingredients

Our portfolio features patented LJ100®-men’s health & sports nutrition; ParActin® -bone, joint health & muscle health; Bergamonte® -metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, blood glucose balance, & weight management; MaquiCare™ – Patagonian superfruit with the highest antioxidant level of all fruits; CitruSlim® – healthy weight management; NeuroActin® – improves learning & memory, helps support neuronal health; NoMax® – increases nitric oxide for enhanced physical performance; QuantumIQ™ – cognitive function, mood, IQ performance; Animal Health: to reduce the use of antibiotics, chemicals, and other pharmaceutical drugs in our food production NatControl™ reduces antibiotic need in salmon for human consumption and SeaControl™ HP Ingredients’ specialized services include custom product development and private labeling of cutting-edge dietary supplements.

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