Organic Ingredients

HP Ingredients specializes in potent, efficacious herbal extracts. We work with the foremost experts in botanical medicine to support continuing research, marketing, and success of the herbal extract and your product.

 Going one step further, all of HP Ingredients are available certified organic or sustainably harvested.


This reduces our eco-footprint and helps maintain the pristine environments of the source materials, be they the rainforests of Malaysia, the shady forests and wetlands of S.E. Asia, or the rugged coastal forests near the Chilean Patagonian ice-fields, or even the sun-drenched slopes of Calabria, Italy.


Our corporate headquarters’ warehouse in Florida is certified organic, and so we can make a certifiable organic product for you from soup to nuts!

Premier Organic Ingredients

NeuroactinThe plant Andrographis paniculata is a traditional herb in the Southeast Asian medicine and has been described as an important anti-inflammatory agent.
ParactinClinically Proven Effective Anti-Inflammatory Extract, ideal herbal ingredient for: Healthy inflammatory response and more
BergamonteClinically proven to reduce LDL, Tryglicerides, Cholesterol and Blood Glucose while Increasing HDL in 192 Dyslipidemic Patients After 30 Days
MaquiberryA unique deeply purple berry that grows in remote distant Patagonia, one of the cleanest places on earth. The Mapuches Indian has historically consumed Patagonian Wild Berry leaves, stems and fruits, for a variety of ailments.
NoMaxNOMax™ is particularly rich in flavanone-O-glycosides and is characterized by a unique profile of flavonoids

Other Organic Ingredients

BlissCareHP™ Extract of Mucuna pruriens 60% L-DOPA by HPLC
MemoryCareHP™ Extract of Gingko biloba 25% Flavones
GarlicinHP™ Extract of Allium sativum Garlic 0.3% allicin by TLC
GingerZingHP™ Extract of Zingiber officinale Ginger
CurcuCareHP™ Extract of Curcumna longa 95% curcuminoids by HPLC

Wild Harvested Ingredients


HPI's Custom Formulations

HP Ingredients offers custom formulations and private labeling services to manufacturers. HPI’s innovation in formulations is accomplished by combining our trademarked ingredients with other clinically tested, well-researched nutraceuticals.