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About Us Ľ Mission Statement

At HP Ingredients, we believe in conducting business in the highest professional and ethical manner by adhering to the highest standards. We achieve this by:

Maintaining our "Green" philosophy by using only the highest quality extracts that are produced by sustainable wild-crafting, sustainable harvesting methods and/or organic farming methods.
Placing great emphasis on only introducing high quality, well-studied herbal and other extracts that have a tradition of documented effectiveness.
Working closely with scientists that have the expertise in providing on going research and clinical support with published data.
Leveraging the proven commercial success of effective herbal health products.
Actively participating in disseminating professional herbal and other extract information via regular articles, press releases, trade shows and editorial reviews in newspapers, magazines, etc.
Remaining committed to educating our customers and formulators in regards to HP Ingredientsí products.


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