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About Us Ľ Ensuring Safety & Quality

HP Ingredientsí efforts are designed to lead, not only to the development of new and improved products, but also to ensure effective manufacturing quality control measures. All our products must pass mandatory criteria for the following:

Limits of heavy metals, bacteria, yeast and molds
Limits of disintegration time
Prohibitions of dangerous herbs
Compliance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

At HP Ingredients, we prefer to exceed the industry norms and standards. With this goal in mind we only use extracts that are produced under the most stringent quality control, using every important analytical tool, such as: HPLC, UV-Vis  Spectrophotometer's, Analytical microbalances, etc. US Pharmacopoeia standards are the benchmark and highly qualified microbiologists ensure that the assays are performed as per pharmacopoeia norms. HPTLC and HPLC profiles guarantee authenticity of the extracts and prove an absence of cross contamination.

HP Ingredientsí processing methods are monitored closely to ensure that only the highest quality raw materials are used. HP Ingredients retains the services of third party analytical labs, to assist in our efforts to continuously verify assay, TPC, Heavy Metals, etc. for our proprietary extracts. Additionally HP Ingredients only employs cGMP certified contract manufacturers for our private label solutions.

HP Ingredients is certified Organic for processing and Handling and HP Ingredients is certified Kosher as well.


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