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HP Ingredients is a fastly growing innovative herbal and nutraceutical extract health company focused on bringing effective remedies from Asia, Italy, and Chile to the North American Market. HP Ingredients is dedicated to innovating new products and providing accurate and timely information on benefits of these well-researched extracts. We work closely with several teams of scientists from University of Malaysia and Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, the Universidad Austral de Chile, and the University Magna Graecia.

With the scientists from the University of Malaysia, we bring you LJ100® Standardized Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (22% Bioactive Eurypeptides), proven in human clinical research to naturally improve testosterone and progesterone levels, and decrease SHBG levels. Our $3 million dollar extraction facility in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia is by far the finest and highest technology in the extraction of Tongkat Ali.

With the Scientists from the Universidad de Chile we bring you Paractin®– the first PPAR agonist to the market, effective for reducing inflammation. In fact, our scientists have been awarded several worldwide patents for their innovative works. Additionally HP Ingredients and Dr. Juan Hanke, the lead scientist on the project now hold a US patent on the ParActin® for the treatment of Autoimmune disorders and Alzheimers disease by activation of the PPr Gamma receptors.

With the Scientists from the University of Magna Graecia, we bring you Bergamonte®, clinically proven to reduce triglycerides, blood sugar and cholesterol. This water soluble extract rivals the effects of statins without the side effects.

HP Ingredients’ management has a passion for Nutraceutical products and is dedicated to sharing the research with our customers. With ongoing clinical trials we will continue to provide clinical data to further enhance the innovation and science behind our nutraceutical extracts so that our customers can do the same.



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